• Three Percent of Apple Employees Believe Steve Jobs Could Have Done a Better Job

    The last fifteen years of Steve Jobs' has seen a Michael Jordan like dominance in the field of consumer electronics and according to GlassDoor.com 97% of Apple employees agree.

    A mere 3% of Apple employees surveyed thought Jobs could have done a better job during his tenure as Apple CEO. Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos has a 84% approval rating, and Microsoft CEO, Steve Balmer, has an anemic 46% of employees believing he is taking the company in the right direction. Google CEO Larry Page has a comparable 96% approval rating, but these are based on a only a few reviews, most likely because Apple's reviews are based on a high percentage of their retail store employees. However, Balmer's ratings are based on 1,600+ reviews and they, until recently, have lacked retail establishments.

    A number of other CEO's have extremely high approval percentages, but they are based on extremely small numbers. Even Ben Berneke, Fed Chairman, has a 100% approval rating based on less than 20 reviews. That said, having a company as large as Apple be behind their not-so-nice at times leader, even at the retail level, is rather unprecedented.

    Source: GlassDoor
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