• Resignation Details Expected in Forthcoming Steve Jobs Biography

    Steve Jobs may have just resigned as Apple CEO yesterday, but details surrounding the resignation will be included in November's long-awaited release of the Mac pioneer's authorized biography.

    Although the title is speeding for book stores and e-readers as soon as November 21st, the book is now being updated to present details on the resignation bombshell dropped Wednesday.

    "Publisher Simon & Schuster said the highly anticipated tell-all biography, written by acclaimed biographer Walter Isaacson, will include Wednesday night's announcement from Jobs' point of view," PC Magazine reported this morning. What's more, Simon & Schuster spokeswoman Tracey Guest revealed that Isaacson "speaks to Jobs regularly and is still working on the final chapter of the book."

    At this time, it isn't clear just how "juicy" the details surrounding Jobs' resignation will be. In fact, revisions to the final chapter may ultimately just include an acknowledgment of Jobs' departure and no other insights as to the reasoning behind the seemingly sudden abdication that came Wednesday.

    In terms of Amazon pre-orders, the book has already reached the lofty perch of bestseller.

    Source: PC Magazine
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