• iPhone Owners Have Highest Credit Card Balances

    iPhone owners carry higher balances on their credit cards than Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile users, according to an analysis by a mobile financial service provider. Pageonce published data today showing that, on average, iPhone users have a 35% higher balance on their monthly credit card statement than the average Windows Mobile user. However, the average monthly phone bill was lower for iPhone users than for any other smartphone.

    The Pageonce app monitors users' cash flow, spending and bills and organizes account information and transactions. The company used data from 275,000 of its three users - including at least 5,000 users for each mobile platform - to look at how owners of different smartphones compare. The average monthly credit card bill of iPhone users was $6,872, compared to $5,693 for BlackBerry users, $5,330 for Android users and $5,076 for Windows Mobile. These numbers reflect the total amount on the statements, including the current month's charges, current month's payments received, carried balance, fees and charges. And it's worth noting that this is not a representative sample, but an analysis of people whose finances are so complicated that they use an app to keep track of them.

    Even Pageonce seemed puzzled by the results. "My first reaction was... this might mean that iPhone users have more debt," Pageonce COO Steve Schultz wrote on the company's blog. "It could also mean iPhone users simply run more expenses through their cards. Or maybe Android users are more conservative about using credit? Whatever the reason, I'm betting credit card companies would like to get their hands on more iPhone users."

    Interestingly, it's not the cost of a monthly service plan that drives iPhone owners' balances up. The average Windows Mobile user has a 24.5% higher wireless bill than the average iPhone user, spending $205.33 a month. Android and Blackberry users were not far behind at $196.94 and $194.35, respectively, with iPhone users spending the least at $164.91 a month.

    Source: Cult of Mac
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