• Must See Interactive Article of Steve Jobs' 313 Patents

    Steve Jobs has 313 Apple patents to his name, and the New York Times has put together an incredible interactive story highlighting all of them.

    The NYT article categorizes Jobs' patents into 12 different categories ranging from OS X patents, to keyboards and mice. Two of the most interesting non computer based patents are Jobs' patents for the minimalist packaging of iPods and iPhones we've come to expect, and two separate patents for staircases. Yes, that is right, Steve Jobs has patents for the glass staircases that have become a hallmark in so many Apple stores.

    The usual patents describing iOS, iPhones, iPods, laptops, desktops, and others are all there. Jobs isn't the main inventor in most of the patents, but he is mentioned, and gives us an idea how involved Jobs was in the development process. It seems some of the most important, and unimportant, patents filed by Apple in the last 15 years all had Sir Jobs input and blessing.

    Source: NYT
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