• Tim Cook is Thinking Printers

    What is the one area the Apple rumor-mill has yet to delve into? Printers.

    And thank God they haven't, but a hilarious little piece, by fake news site The Onion , pokes fun at what a worst-case-scenario take over by Apple's new CEO Tim Cook could have looked like. Hint, it might be a bit of jab at rumors about HP wanting to sell off their PC business too.

    SAN FRANCISCO—Following the resignation of Apple founder Steve Jobs, incoming CEO Tim Cook called a meeting of shareholders and members of the press Thursday morning to announce that he envisioned printers as the company’s future. “Laser, ink-jet, double-sided, color, black-and-white—the future of technology is in printers. I am absolutely convinced of that,” Cook explained to a packed auditorium as a montage of printers and people using printers played on a screen behind him. “What is the one thing people will always need? It’s obvious: printers. Printers with fax machines attached, printers that collate and staple, perhaps a printer that makes photocopies. Anything’s possible. It’s called innovation.” Cook concluded his remarks by assuring investors the release of upcoming Apple products such as the iPhone 5 would be postponed for at least four years so the company could throw all its time and resources into the creation of high-quality printers for the home and office. - The Onion
    Sliced in ways only The Onion can.

    Source: The Onion
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