• Salesforce Chief Breaks Rules of Trademark Hoarding, Gives Steve Jobs App Store Name

    Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO, ignored all rules of trademark engagement and simply handed over the trademark for "App Store" his company Salesforce held to Steve Jobs.

    Giving something as potentially valuable as the trademark "App Store" to Steve Jobs, someone who can pave a path to the sun and back with $100 bills, is either incredibly stupid or incredibly honorable.

    For Benioff, it was a way to show his appreciation to Jobs. Sir Jobs, on multiple occasions, has lent his personal advice, and support to Benioff and his company. Benioff claims Jobs' professional guidance, during a field trip of sorts for Benioff's executives to meet Jobs, helped inspire Benioff to focus on building Salesforce's "fantastic enterprise application," which later became their "App Store."

    Jobs has helped Benioff on more than one occasion, so much so Benioff holds an almost prophet like reverence for Jobs.

    He has probably given me more help and more advice than just about anybody. And when I get in trouble and I kinda [sic] get lost in my own vision, Iíve been fortunate to be able to go and see him and heís been willing to show me the future a couple times. - Benioff
    Amidst all the legal squabbling going on between major tech companies, and the ravenous attitude that usually surrounds trademarks and patents, it is nice to see a humble gesture like Benioff's.

    Source: Bloomberg
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