• Half Marathon Paints GPS Tribute to Steve Jobs on Tokyo Streets

    Joseph Tame, a marathon runner residing in Tokyo, is notorious for his GPS art, and his love for Apple, which is why his recent half-marathon through Tokyo makes sense.

    Well, when you look at it from above anyway.

    Tame used two iPhones, his legs, and the Runkeeper app to keep track of his path through the heart of Tokyo. The result is a giant Apple logo painted on the streets of Tokyo, which his iPhone automatically drew. Tame has previously used his iRun harness, that has "two iPhones to shoot video, and two to run GPS and networking software," to GPS-paint a giant Hello Kitty, nine-mile Twitter bird, and an elephant.

    According to New Launches Tame completed this two hour tribute (with an average heart rate of 155 beats per minute) because "having a iPhone really has changed my life here in Tokyo. Here in Japan it's like a lifeline (even more so now it can warn me when an earthquake is about to hit)."

    Source: New Launches
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