• LaunchConfirm Adds Safeguard to Application Launching

    Accidentally tapping an application on your SpringBoard is a common occurrence for all of us that use our iDevices. Although it isn't a huge deal to just exit the application by tapping the Home button (or other method i.e. Activator method), sometimes it would be nice to have a safeguard that asks for confirmation before launching an application. LaunchConfirm by fr0st (@fr0st) gives you the opportunity to utilize this capability.

    With LaunchConfirm installed, whenever you tap an application on your SpringBoard, a Application Launcher window comes up and confirms that you want to launch the application. You can choose to launch the application or just cancel. It is as simple as that. There are no settings to configure and the tweak works upon installing it through Cydia.

    If accidental launching of applications is something you deal with and wish to fix, LaunchConfirm is definitely a viable option. One thing I did find kind of a nuisance is that every application has the confirmation window. The application launcher would be convenient for some of my applications, but not all. So, I suggested a whitelist and (or) blacklist feature in upcoming updates of LaunchConfirm to fr0st and he took the suggestion. He will implement a feature of this nature in the coming future.

    For the time being, give it a shot and post your thoughts here. Find it on Cydia now via the ModMyi repository for free. It is compatible on all iDevices and firmwares, including iOS 5 beta 6 (Note: using jailbreak tweaks and applications on the iOS 5 beta is done at your own risk. Be aware of the consequences and possible issues you could run in to by testing jailbreak tweaks and applications on the iOS 5 beta.)

    Name: LaunchConfirm
    Author: fr0st
    Version: 1.0-1
    Price: Free

    Follow fr0st (@fr0st) on Twitter to keep up to date with news on LaunchConfirm and other possible projects by the developer.

    Source(s): fr0st
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    1. unison999's Avatar
      unison999 -
      May save a bit of wear & tear on the home button... But I have no use for it.
    1. keenpois0n's Avatar
      keenpois0n -
      I've got badge clear or whatever it's called aswell as this, and every time it asks me to confirm the launch, if I confirm it, the 'badge cleared' window comes up
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Unless people are mad miss-tapping all over the place, this is going to be more hassle than its worth. I will save more time NOT having to confirm every application launch than the potential time this would save me from launching an app I didn't mean to launch.
    1. spazturtle's Avatar
      spazturtle -
      This will will useful for older gen users, on my iPod 2G if I open an app I need to wait 20 seconds before i can close it.
    1. rkswat's Avatar
      rkswat -
      Sorry but ZZzzzzZZZZzzzz

      I guess I can understand the issue with older gen devices but for the masses there is no need for this. Nice work though.
    1. mmaboi21's Avatar
      mmaboi21 -
      This in my eyes seems very useful. How many times do kids get a hold of mom/dads phone and launch different apps. This will at least save them a step. I hit the wrong app at times so this would save the life of my home button and a loading screen.
    1. GTRagnarok's Avatar
      GTRagnarok -
      1/100 times, I waste time by accidentally launching an app. With this, 99/100 times I waste time by having to confirm an app launch.

      No thanks...
    1. PathKiller29's Avatar
      PathKiller29 -
      I'm not even kidding,
      I was gonna make this a month ago...then rethought it
    1. Co1d Night's Avatar
      Co1d Night -
      How about everyone locks their device when doing something that involves mass fingering
    1. littlelisa63's Avatar
      littlelisa63 -
      I think it's a good idea
    1. PatrickGSR94's Avatar
      PatrickGSR94 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dark Syn View Post
      How about everyone locks their device when doing something that involves mass fingering
    1. DaLsim's Avatar
      DaLsim -
      Quote Originally Posted by unison999 View Post
      May save a bit of wear & tear on the home button... But I have no use for it.
      might as well remove the home button all together.
    1. PathKiller29's Avatar
      PathKiller29 -
      How could there possibly a version 1.0-1
      This is just a hello world file with the text edited ...lol
      Takes 5 minutes to put everything together...lol may I ask what was in v1.0 ?
    1. mmaboi21's Avatar
      mmaboi21 -
      You know what they should add is an addconfirmation tweak in the mobile phone app. That would be very useful for me because I tend to hit the wrong contact in my recent call log. Just a thought
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