• Fake Apple Store Spotted in Iraq

    The Apple Store pictured above looks more than a little off doesn't it? Especially when you notice the giant Nokia box in the bottom portion of the display case just to the left of the entrance. Not very Apple-esque.

    Apparently developing nations is where its at when it comes to incredibly brave (stupid) attempts to produce not only counterfeit Apple products, but the entire retail experience. A fake Apple store spotted in Sulaimaniya, in North Iraq, is just the latest example. While not as convincing as its Chinese counterparts, this fake Apple Store tries its best. However, its best includes a number of cell phones and electronics that clearly aren't Apple products. Also, when was the last time Apple displayed Ray-Ban sunglasses at the front of their store?

    The only Apple products that can be somewhat identified are a few MacBooks, iTunes gift cards and MagSafe adapters, the rest of the products appear to be a hodgepodge of electronics a la Radio Shack minus the depressed looking employees. All fake Apple Stores are not created equal it appears, as the Chinese counterfeits sold legit Apple products and had everything down to a T, including the genius bar and Steve Jobs-patented laniards.

    It isn't know if Apple has plans to shut down the store, or whether its worth flying their team of anti-counterfeit operatives to the troubled nation to shut down a decidedly subpar operation.

    Source:Redmond Pie
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