• Public Perception of Apple Improves Following Steve Jobs' Departure as CEO

    In the immediate hours following Steve Jobs' announced departure as CEO of Apple, shareholders, investors, and industry analysts alike began expressing concerns about the potential fallout for the world's most profitable company. Now better than one week removed from the installment of Tim Cook as the new Chief Executive Officer of Apple, it appears that anything but a death blow has been dealt to the Cupertino, California-based tech giant.

    In addition to Apple's stock bouncing this week nearly $40 above the lows recorded last Wednesday evening in after-hours trading, a new survey from YouGov BrandIndex shows that consumer perception of Apple has improved - yes, improved - in the wake of Steve Jobs' departure as company head.

    The YouGov BrandIndex is considered a daily tracking index as the company surveys 5,000 people every 24 hours from a representative U.S. population sample. "As expected," the BrandIndex report reads, "the announcement caught the attention of U.S. consumers. Apples Attention score jumped from 44% on the day prior to the announcement to 61% on the day after the announcement." As a result, Apple's brand health has risen several points since August 24th, the date of Jobs' announcement.

    The Index score encompasses adult 18+ consumer perception of such measurements as quality, value, reputation, satisfaction, impression, and the willingness to recommend the brand to friends. Apple’s Buzz score also improved modestly after the announcement, indicating that more U.S. consumers seemed to react positively to the news than negative.
    For years we've been hearing that Apple can't possibly survive without Steve Jobs at the helm. And while no one is happy to see Steve Jobs resign in response to health-related circumstances, it appears that Apple will continue to thrive, particularly as it is now patently clear that the company will remain committed to staying the course charted by Mr. Jobs.

    Source: YouGov BrandIndex
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