• New Gorillaz Album Being Made on iPad

    In a potential knockout blow to the naysayers who have slammed the iPad as just a "content-consumption device," Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn says he's been using his iPad to create the next album for the cartoon supergroup. The self-described "technophobe and Luddite" Albarn says the album will be ready in time for Christmas.

    The closed nature of the iPad and the difficulty in printing or transferring files without a jailbreak has led many a pundit to conclude that iPads just are not any good for content creation. However, this has been proved wrong time and time again, with people using iPads for everything from writing to photo editing to DJing. While there are clearly many things better and more easily done on a notebook or desktop computer, the ease of mobility makes the iPad stand out for people with limited space and travelers.

    Damon Albarn created Gorillaz in 1998 when he was living with Jamie Hewlett, the artist behind Tank Girl. Intended as a commentary on MTV culture, the "band" is made up of Hewlett's cartoon characters playing music by Albarn and various other musicians. Albarn spent the last few months on tour fronting a live band with half of the members of the Clash: guitarist Mick Jones and bassist Paul Simonon. In an interview with NME, he revealed that he's been using his new iPad to work on "a studio album made in hotel rooms across America" while on tour. "I've made it on an iPad," he said. "I hope I'll be making the first record on an iPad." Calling himself a "technophobe and Luddite," he nevertheless says he "fell in love with my iPad as soon as I got it," and "made a completely different kind of record." Albarn, who's also the lead singer for the Britpop band Blur, says the new Gorillaz album will be "more American-sounding than Blur... like an English voice that has been put through the vocoder of America."

    Albarn says he plans to complete the album, which will be the band's fourth, by Christmas. The third Gorillaz album Plastic Beach was just released in March, five years after Demon Days which featured the hit "Feel Good, Inc." Amusingly, Albarn's public embrace of the iPad comes at the same time that Microsoft is using Gorillaz for heavy marketing for Internet Explorer 9.

    Source: Electronista
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