• Mac OS X Install Base Grows to Over 6% Worldwide, 13% in US

    According to the latest tracking data from NetMarketShare, Mac OS X's install base worldwide has increased to over 6% and 13% in the United States. This increase is in direct connection with the release of Apple's newest operating system, Lion. Just over the last few months, Apple's OS chunk of the market grew approximately .43%. The increases are as follows:

    May 2011 - 5.60%
    June - July 2011 - 5.96%
    August 2011 - 6.03%

    There was no tables provided however the U.S. share for Mac OS X is now at 13.42%.

    Although Apple's OS chunk is on the rise, Microsoft Windows is still the clear leader, leading at 92.90% worldwide with Linux taking a measly 1.07% share. Mac OS X Lion accounts for 1.03% of the overall market in comparison to 1.17% for Leopard and 3.46% for Snow Leopard.

    Mac OS X's rapid increase could be due to Apple's new way of distributing operating systems; the Mac App Store. Because it was easier to upgrade and you didn't have to wait for the physical DVDs, the jump from Snow Leopard to Lion was faster than transitions in the past.

    Apple reported that after the first day of launching Lion, sales topped over one million, making it the most successful operating system launch in the history of Mac OS X.

    Source(s): AppleInsider
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