• Apple Says Chinese Food Company Ripped Off Apple Logo

    Apple is seeing red - literally. What's the tech giant upset about now? Apple's legal eagles say a China-based food company has blatantly ripped off the Apple logo.

    Yes... a food company. Regardless, Apple is asserting that Sichuan Fangguo Food Co. is infringing on Apple's universally recognized company logo.

    The controversial image in question is pictured above. And in case you're wondering, the logo isn't new by any stretch of the imagination. The Fangguo logo was actually created by a Beijing-based design company in the 1980s.

    “There’s a leaf so you can tell it’s an apple, but it also contains two Chinese characters," the CEO of Fangguo, Zhao Yi, says in response to the Apple criticism. "The orientation is also different, and ours is a totally different shape.” So did his company pattern its logo after Apple's? “When I started Fangguo," Yi admits, "I had never even heard of Apple.”

    Zhao says he received a letter in July from the Guangzhou branch of Beijing Zhucheng Law written on behalf of Apple. The application period for Fangguo's new logo registration was two days away from closing.

    The letter included two complaints: First, the resemblance of Fangguo's logo to Apple's. The latter company is known as "Pingguo" in Chinese; the two names feature the same second character, 果/guo, which refers to fruit. Additionally, the Nanchong, Sichuan-based Fangguo had applied to register its logo under 16 different product categories, including "notebook computers" and "electronic-game software," some of which overlap with categories in which Apple holds trademark registration.
    The primary products produced by the company include flour and noodles, although rice, grain oil, snack foods, and "other types of food products" are also now manufactured by the company.

    Source: GoChengdoo
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