• Adjust Font Size in Safari with Magnifier for Safari

    Sometimes when viewing a webpage in Safari on your iDevice, you can have trouble reading the font and possibly even squint. All of us have experienced one way or another and can relate to this issue. Some have resorted to the "easy" solution by just zooming on the page. Although this is somewhat of a fix, zooming in takes you away from the entire page itself thus kind of ruining the easy viewing experience. Don't bother zooming in on the page anymore when you can use Magnifier for Safari, a recently released tweak that allows you to adjust the font size on a webpage in Safari.

    In order to toggle the font adjustment, simply tap the "Go to" button if you will and choose "Adjust FontSize." After you tap that, a slider comes up allowing you to adjust the font size. Move the slider up and down to adjust how you wish. When you don't want to view zoomed anymore or from that particular view, just simply hit the "Done" button and it brings you back to the normal layout. There are no settings to configure and Magnifier for Safari works upon install.

    If you find a tweak like this useful, I highly recommend it. It is only $.99 on Cydia now and is available on all firmwares 4.0+ (not available on the iOS 5 beta - it should be available on 5.x when iOS 5 publicly releases). It is compatible on the iPhone and iPod Touch, however it is not currently available on the iPad (possibly a soon-to-come update).

    Name: Magnifier for Safari
    Author: tom-go
    Version: 1.0-2
    Price: $.99

    I had an opportunity to talk with tom-go and ask him a few questions about Magnifier for Safari - give it a look!

    JOSH: What gave you the idea to create Magnifier for Safari?
    TOM-GO: There is a web browser called Maven that gave me the idea. You can find it on App Store. It has an font size adjust function, so I wanted to bring that to Safari.

    JOSH: How long did it take to make this tweak?
    TOM-GO: It took about 10 hours or so.

    JOSH: Do you have any planned future incorporations/implementations for Magnifier for Safari?
    TOM-GO: I'm planning to implement a function that enables users to configure fixed scale for each favorite website.

    JOSH: Are you working on any other projects that you might be willing to speak about?
    TOM-GO: I'm working on updates for BrowserChanger and implementing opening third party browsers from spotlight search.

    JOSH: What other Cydia tweaks have you created (if any)?
    TOM-GO: GridTab for Safari, BackForwardList for Safari, Browser Changer, Browser Changer SBSettings toggle, Voice ActionMenu Plugin, HeadingLock for Maps, NowPlayingPandora and iShakeLock.

    To keep up to date with the developer of Magnifier for Safari, follow tom-go (@tom-go) on Twitter (just a heads up - he mostly tweets in Japanese).

    Source(s): tom-go
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    1. PathKiller29's Avatar
      PathKiller29 -
      This isn't bad...
      But I just saw a tweak that notifies u if an app crashes. But it's paid....
      Not gonna fly with me. Making my own...
    1. The Man of Sand's Avatar
      The Man of Sand -
      Quote Originally Posted by PathKiller29 View Post
      This isn't bad...
      But I just saw a tweak that notifies u if an app crashes. But it's paid....
      Not gonna fly with me. Making my own...
      Lol I that app and this one too
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