• Union Boss Blasts 'Unpatriotic' Apple, Says President Obama Should 'Attack' It

    International Brotherhood of Teamsters Union President Jim Hoffa has some tough words for both Apple and US President Barack Obama. According to Hoffa, Apple is "unpatriotic" for investing more of its vast reserves of cash into China than in the US. Hoffa adds that President Obama should do something about it. No specific instructions, however, were given by Hoffa other than to say Obama should "attack" companies that behave the way Apple does.

    In the controversial interview with CNN, Hoffa told host Candy Crowley that he's well aware of the reality that it's more cost-effective to set up factories and hire workers overseas. "We know that," he said, while noting that companies still "have an obligation to America to build in America."

    "I think the president should challenge the patriotism of these American corporations that are sitting on the sidelines saying, why do we have high unemployment but I am not going to hire anybody?" Hoffa says. "You know, they have an obligation just like the federal government, just like Obama. We have all got to get into the game. And I don't see that happening. So the trillions and billions of dollars that they have on the sidelines, they have money, Pfizer and General Electric, they have trillions of dollars overseas, let's start repatriating that money. Let's start a program to get America going again."

    Taking his argument to another level, Hoffa blatantly called Apple "unpatriotic" for a number of reasons, but chief among them the tech giant's construction of a factory in Mexico. "You can do it here," Hoffa said, "But the answer is, you have to have the incentive. And so many companies like Mr. Coffee and all of these other companies that have closed and moved to Mexico, they are wrong. They are unpatriotic."

    Source: CNN
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