• Bump Now Lets Users "Share" Songs

    The latest version of Bump, the app that allows you to exchange contact information and photo libraries with other iPhone users, now lets you "share" music. Bump 2.2 supports song metadata transfers, to be precise, rather than the transmission of sound files. Your Bump contacts will get previews via links to iTunes (if available) for the songs you share, and can also browse YouTube hits for the tracks.

    In addition to sharing contacts and calendar events, the previous version of Bump allowed users to make friend requests on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn by bumping their phones together. The app doesn't actually transmit information directly from phone to phone, but rather relies on the GPS chip of each device and timestamps to allow Bump's servers to determine who bumped who. They also provide an API to developers who want to incorporate direct-connect services: PayPal's app uses Bump's technology to facilitate money transfers from one iPhone user's account to another.

    Bump co-founder and CEO David Lieb claims that "more than a million photos [are] shared every weekend" using their app, and expresses high hopes that users will be as eager to share song previews as well. "We think Bump is the simplest and easiest way to tell your friends about songs and artists you love, he says. Bump 2.2 is free on the App Store.

    Source: Mobiputing
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