• Has Apple Outgrown Cupertino, California?

    Concerns are quickly mounting that Apple is outgrowing its once modest homestead in Cupertino, California. For a city with a population of 58,302 (as of the 2010 census), Apple's campus - not to mention its massive workforce - has swelled to become a formidable presence in the Cupertino community.

    In June, then-CEO Steve Jobs met with the City Council of Cupertino to discuss plans for a new Apple campus. The proposed - and now approved - building will relocate some 12,000 employees that currently work in various locations scattered around Cupertino and bring them all together under one roof. Obviously, given the rapid expansion of the company and the boatload of acres its presence consumes, not everyone is happy about what this booming business brings to Cupertino.

    According to a published report in the San Jose Mercury News:

    Not everyone is thrilled at the prospect of living next to one of the biggest buildings in the Bay Area, as residents from three cities told Cupertino officials Thursday that Apple's plan for a second mega-campus may simply be too big and busy. About 100 residents packed a meeting room for the first hearing on Apple Campus 2, the tech giant's campus sequel planned in east Cupertino at the border of Santa Clara and Sunnyvale. Others watched live online or submitted questions ahead of time, eager to make their voices heard before city planners and consultants start digging through the largest development proposal in Cupertino's history.
    Obviously, these critics are being shouted down by some who find it insane to discourage this type of growth - which brings jobs - at a time of economic turmoil, an ailment that continues to grip the US and the unemployment rate. Consequently, it's highly unlikely that those who have voiced their concern will ultimately have much impact on Apple's plans - at least for now. "The fact is, we're growing like a weed," said Apple's project manager, Terry Reagan. "We need the space."

    Cupertino Mayor Gilbert Wong says Apple executives are already planning a third campus once the second "spaceship" campus is completed in about three years,

    Source: San Jose Mercury News
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