• Adobe Sees Huge Growth Year Over Year In Video Editing Sales

    The release of Final Cut X has done more than infuriate Final Cut enthusiasts, it has resulted in a mass exodus of former Final Cut editor and Adobe has been waiting with open arms.

    Adobe announced today the company saw 45% growth year over year in their video editing software suite. Additionally Adobe saw a 22% increase in demand for it's video editing software across all platforms. To say Adobe capitalized on Apple's folly is an understatement.

    Shortly after the release of Apple's Final Cut X, Adobe slashed the price of its video editing software offering a 50% discount to users who had previously owned Final Cut. Angered, and frustrated with the lack of backwards compatibility, multicam support and non-existant updates, a large number of Final Cut editors made the switch. Adobe even takes a direct shot at Final Cut X's perceived amateur status on their Premier website with the tag line "You're a pro. Make sure your toolset is too."

    Adobe's strategy is working. Apple has issued FCX refunds and even started selling Final Cut Studio 3 again to help stop the bleeding.

    Source: Apple Insider
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