• Guitar World Releases Lick of the Day app for iOS

    With the release of the complete Beatles catalog on iTunes, it only seems fitting to do a story about a great new music app today. Guitar World Lick of the Day is a new instructional app developed by Agile Partners for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It features videos and instruction from such celebrities as Zakk Wylde, Joe Satriani, Gus G., and Phil Collen. Each lesson includes scrolling music notation and an animated fret board showing you exact fingering positions.

    The app is universal so it will work on most iOS devices. The iPad version really shines, however, as the larger screen give you enough room to view more information at once. The iPhone version includes the same features as the iPad, but you have to go back and forth between screens to get the full lesson. In practice, this should not be a problem, however, but the iPad version allows you to focus more on the lessons and less on navigating the app.

    Lick of the day is a free app, but to get the most out of it youíll have to buy a one-month ($4.99), three-month ($12.99) or a six-month ($19.99) subscription. The app includes five free lessons in a variety of styles including rock, blues, metal, country and jazz. The free metal lesson features Zakk Wylde and includes a tutorial on how to shred like a pro.

    Itís been a while since Iíve picked up my guitar, but now that I have Lick of the Day on my iPhone, I think Iíll make more time to start practicing again. Now if I can just remember how to fix a broken string.

    Source: Agile Partners
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