• CLASSified : Theme of The Week - June 1st, 2010

    This week's results are in for theme of the week. Once again, we get to see a work in progress that the community is raving about.

    Theme Of The Week
    CLASSified by BarsOverBeats

    The community has spoken and this week's "Theme Of The Week" as nominated by the MMi community is "CLASSified" by barsoverbeats.

    Time and time again, BarsOverBeats has proven to be a fantastic theme designer. He has won a handful of "Theme Of The Week" awards and continues to show his class with his newest work in progress.

    Discuss this theme in the forums.

    MMi Staff Pick

    Another work in progress, but it's worth mentioning.

    reeco, has created an PSD template for icons and with the help of the MMi community, a handful of icons are being submitted before it's release so there can be a good handful in there when it goes public.

    So far there are over 215 icons, so if you'd like to help contribute, head on over to the forums.

    A list and more discussion can be found in our forums.

    iElemental Pro

    Yes yes, this is a shameless plug for one of my themes, but I've been getting hammered with requests on this, so don't hate. LOL. This was one of the first themes I ever created when I first got my iPhone 3G. It's come a long way since it's creation thanks to a ton of feedback. I appreciate everyone who has been patiently waiting for the latest update and you can expect to see a lot more being pumped into iElemental over the next week.

    If minimalistic themes are your thing, or you really love black UI's, check it out. Version 2.2 is now available in Cydia.

    A List of SpringBoard Strings

    While this bonus may require some extra knowledge, a lot of you understand how to edit .plist files from various themes, so here is your chance to dig a little further and learn all the strings available to tinker with so that you can customize your theme exactly the way you want it!

    Discuss this in our forums.
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      seizlapee -
      ios5 version coming anytime soon?
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      Quote Originally Posted by seizlapee View Post
      ios5 version coming anytime soon?
      I wish
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