• Merger Ahead? Apple May Soon Allow Users to Merge Apple IDs

    For some time we've heard rumblings about the possibility of Apple allowing users to merge multiple Apple IDs, a development that would all but certainly make life a little more convenient for those of use juggling one or more IDs related to Apple products and services.

    That wish may soon become a reality if the latest buzz proves accurate. Reports around the web highlight many instances of Apple users contacting the Cupertino, California offices of Apple to inquire about this desired functionality only to be told that a solution is forthcoming. That comes as great news, particularly as we anticipate the arrival of iCloud.

    Without the ability to merge multiple Apple IDs, navigating the ever-expanding realm of Apple services will become even further compounded this fall when iCloud launches. In addition, iOS 5 delivers such features as iMessage, Game Center, FaceTime, iBooks. etc. If the need to switch back and forth between and among IDs persists, it would be a good time to stock up on aspirin because more than a few major headaches will likely result.

    Fortunately, it sounds as though Apple and its new CEO Tim Cook have heard the complaints loud and clear. Until a solution is rolled out, representatives for Apple are reportedly telling users to make all their purchases from a single account, which can later become their primary or lone Apple ID.

    Source: MacRumors
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