• Apple Opening Stores in Key New Retail Locations This Week

    Apple is rushing to brush up and build up its retail presence across Asia ahead of the anticipated iPhone 5 launch next month.

    Further underscoring Apple's commitment to and investment in the company's retail ambitions in Asia, this week brings with it the grand opening of several new Apple Stores in places like Shanghai and Hong Kong.

    Despite keeping a low-profile on the Hong Kong launch (presumably to ensure that the store would be ready to open before next weekend) Apple is now confirming reports that this particular store will open this Saturday morning, September 24th. As previously reported, Apple's new Hong Kong store will be housed within the thriving and much-traveled IFC Mall.

    Meanwhile, getting a one-day head start on its Hong Kong counterpart, Apple's newest Chinese-based retail location will open in Shanghai this Friday morning. It should be noted that this particular Apple Store will be Apple's largest to date in China, a timely and potentially very lucrative move ahead of the iPhone 5's expected introduction to the Chinese marketplace this fall.

    In addition to the rapid pace with which Apple is growing its brick-and-mortar empire, the Cupertino, California-based tech juggernaut is also expanding its digital retail presence with the launch of new online stores designed for the United Arab Emirates, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland.

    Source: Apple (Apple's Hong Kong Retail Page)
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