• Epic Games Finally Releases Unreal SDK With OS X Support

    Epic Games has finally released an Update for their Unreal Engine SDK that supports OS X. This means Unreal 3 engine based games (there is a lot) can be played natively on OS X.

    This development has the potential to finally bring games like Gears of War and Unreal Tournament to the OS X platform. However, Epic promised to port the games to OS X four years, and multiple sequels ago. While the new SDK does support OS X, developers will still need to port their games over to OS X, which isnít as simple as clicking a button. Itíll be interesting to see how many developers port their games over especially games that are years old, or currently deep into development.

    However, this isnít the first Apple operating system Epic has supported. Epic ported the Unreal 3 engine to iOS devices nearly two years ago and it has been used in games like Infinity Blade, and RAGE HD. A number of other studios including LucasArts and Gameloft have pledged to support the Unreal 3 Engine on iOS devices in future releases as well.

    PC gaming and the Apple operating systems havenít had the best of relationships over the years. Actually, theyíve barely had a relationship. Most titles come years later if ever, and the few saving graces have been Valve Studios and Blizzard releases. Hopefully the release of the new Unreal SDK and iOSís massive (and growing) install base can help sway developers OS Xís way.

    Source: 9to5Mac
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