• Id Software’s Rage Comes to iOS

    Id Software has released Rage, an on-rails first-person shooter for iOS. The game is visually stunning, and is a great demonstration of just how good an iOS game can look. Video games have really come a long way since the iPhone was first introduced three years ago, and game developers like Id continue to push the iOS hardware to its visual limits.

    Id Software’s Doom Resurrection was released back in ’09 and it was quite a visual treat back then. Now that Rage is available in the App Store, the bar has been raised once again. Rage is available in two flavors, a standard version ($.99) and Rage HD ($1.99) with higher resolution textures and graphics. Rage HD is definitely the one to check out, but the game requires at least a third generation iOS device or an iPad.

    Rage is a rather short game, as it only has three levels. If you’ve played Doom Resurrection then you’ll feel right at home playing Rage. The game play is limited, as it is on-rails, but it works quite well on the iPhone. There’s the usual assortment of guns and ammo to pick up along the way and cash to collect also. Mutants come at you from every angle and some even throw bricks at you.

    The game is more of an iPhone preview of Id’s forthcoming console version of Rage, which looks to be another genre defining game by John Carmack. This version of Rage introduces players to a whole new post-apocalyptic wasteland full of new challenges and a wide array of mutants to kill. It should be fun when it comes out in September of next year. For now though, we’ll just have to enjoy the iPhone version in all of its mutant blasting glory.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XddPvsX1q-Y&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - RAGE Tenement[/ame]

    Source: Cult of Mac
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