• Samsung Face-Palm of the Day: Using Apple Logos to Decorate Their Stores

    There are only so many ways high-end electronics manufacturers can design a store, and many have taken cues from Apple’s minimalistic, and clean-bordering-on-sterile look.

    But, if you’re Samsung, and currently embroiled in legal battles spanning multiple continents with Apple, one would think you’d try to distance yourself from Apple in every way possible. Which is why the decals on the wall of the Samsung store pictured above are so amazing.

    The Italian-based Samsung store has the Apple App Store logo, and Safari browser logo plastered on the wall clear as day. This is like the White House putting up Kim Jong-il wallpaper in the oval office. Okay, it’s not that bad, but still incredibly embarrassing and an easily preventable design oversight.

    I can only imagine Samsung’s legal team sharing a collective face-palm when this catches their attention or maybe they’ve started expecting everything their company turns out to come under fire for looking like Apple’s, well, everything.

    Source: CNET
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