• Free iPads at NYC Airports

    Delta and airport restaurant operator OTG Management are now offering free iPad access in seating areas at three terminals in two airports in New York City. The iPads are mounted in little mini-kiosks located near terminal restaurants, and are meant to be used for ordering food and drinks. However, the concessionaire says that people don't have to order food to use the iPads.

    The new service is part of a multi-million-dollar upgrade at Delta's gates in New York. Delta passengers at John F. Kennedy International Airport can order from either the French restaurant Croque Madame by Gates 21 and 22 in Terminal 2 or the casual Italian restaurant Bar Brace at Gate 15 in Terminal 3 using one of 135 iPads. Later this year, Delta will open more "dining stations" at LaGuardia International Airport next to Crust, a "Neopolitan-style" [sic] pizzeria, in Terminal D gates 1 and 2. OTG says they won't require that only people who gave made a purchase can use the iPads, but if an order is placed the airline guarantees the food will be received within 10 minutes.

    This is bound to be popular for Delta travelers over the holidays, though iPads smeared with pizza grease may not be attractive to many people. Hopefully, screen cleaner and antibacterial wipes will be available at the "dining stations."

    Source: Engadget, image via Delta
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