• iTunes 10.5 Beta 9 Available to Developers

    Apple today released iTunes 10.5 beta 9 to developers. On the heels of the upcoming October 4th presentation, it seems that they are gearing up for a a solid release of iTunes Match as well as iTunes when iOS 5 and possibly the iPhone 5/iPhone 4S are released.

    For all those who are testing iTunes Match, this update is required to continuing using the service. The patch notes elude to the fact that the beta process is almost complete - the changes are few minor improvements in performance as well as fixes. Now that another iTunes beta is out in the wild, are we in for the GM of iOS 5 in the next upcoming days? Time will tell - by that time, the presentation on October 4th may be upon us.

    Below is the iTunes 10.5 beta 9 patch notes as well as known issues:

    iTunes 10.5 Beta 9 Release Notes

    - iTunes 10.5 beta 9 includes several performance enhancements and bug fixes, and is a required update for all subscribers to iTunes Match beta.
    - Your iCloud libraries will be deleted at the end of this beta.
    - Backup regularly and do not delete the music you add to iCloud from your computer. Apple
    may periodically delete all iCloud libraries during the beta period. This will require you to scan, - match, and upload songs again.
    - Also note that some of the features and optimizations of iTunes Match may not be available during this beta.

    Known Issues

    - The scan & match feature is not yet complete.
    - Some songs may not match (even if they are available in the iTunes Store) and will be uploaded to iCloud.

    - Other songs may match to a different version of the same song on the iTunes Store.

    - You can only add music to iCloud from one computer at a time.

    - After updating to iOS 5 beta 7, your music may fail to play. If this happens, turn off iTunes Match in Settings > Music, then turn it back on.

    A quick reminder: iCloud music backups will be erased at the end of the beta, so ensure that you have local copies of all your music.

    If you are a registered developer, download iTunes 10.5 beta 9 from the Apple iOS Dev Center. At this current time, iTunes Match is only available on Mac OS X.

    Source(s): Apple
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