• Apple Continues To Secure Worldwide Cloud-Music Rights For October 4th Event

    Apple seems to be far along in negotiations to obtain international cloud-music licenses from record companies and publishers. A new report claims that Apple may be able to secure the deal in time to announce it at the company’s iPhone event on October 4th.

    Greg Sandoval from CNET is claiming that Apple is looking to obtain similar licenses to the ones it has obtained for iCloud, which is the company’s upcoming cloud services initiative, in the U.S. Although nothing has been decided as of yet, Apple is said to be very close to reaching deals.

    Greg noted that Apple would announce an international option for next Tuesday’s press event if iTunes managers are able to “wrap up negotiations in time.” The Cupertino giant has invited members of the press to a “Let’s Talk iPhone” event schedule for 10:00 AM PDT on October 4th.

    As of right now, it is expected that the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S, the iPod Touch 5G are to be announced and there are to be highlights for the release of iCloud and iOS 5. Evidence suggests that the iPhone 5 will be launching shortly after the Apple event, more specifically October 14th.

    iCloud is Apple’s effort to simplify content and information management across their products by storing data online, known as “storing in the cloud.” The service includes restructured versions of former MobileMe services such Contacts, Calendar and Mail, access to the App Store and the iBookstore purchases, and automatic backups of iOS devices.

    The majority of Apple’s negotiations with international music rights holders is likely related to the company’s forthcoming iTunes Match service, which many have seemed to have forgotten about in the excitement of all the other news being tossed around. For $24.99 per year, users will be able to use the service to have their iTunes libraries scanned and matched up to the iTunes Music Store offerings. Matched songs will then be automatically available in iCloud. The current iTunes Match beta is only available in the United States.

    Although Apple was rumored to have negotiated cloud-based streaming music rights for iCloud, the feature wasn’t announced at the company’s June unveiling of the service. As of right now, the beta version of iTunes Match initially appeared to support instantaneous playback from iCloud, but Apple quickly clarified that users still need to “keep stuff on their machine in order to play it,” eventually removing the feature. Apple went ahead and reset the iTunes Match libraries in preparation for the iOS 5 release, which makes it seem as if the company will be releasing it very soon.

    Apple is heavily betting on iCloud being the driving force behind the “PC-fee” features in iOS 5 that will allow the iPhone and iPad users to sync their devices without the aid of a Mac or a PC. The company even went as far as admitting that the previous MobileMe service was not its “finest hour” back in June. Former CEO, Steve Jobs was outraged at the MobileMe team in 2008 for screwing up the product’s launch. Furthermore, MobileMe experienced widespread outages on Thursday, causing speculation that Apple Is preparing for an imminent transition to iCloud and some users are even reporting receiving "Welcome to iCloud" emails already.

    Are you excited for iCloud and the iTunes Match service? Let us know in the comments below!

    Source: CNET
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