• Safari's Desktop Browser Share Hits 5% for the First Time

    Safari is Apple's renowned native desktop and mobile browser. Safari comes pre-installed on all Macs and iDevices right out of the box.

    For the month of September, NetMarketShare reports that Safari has reached 5% browser share on all of the world's desktop and laptop computers for the first time in history. Microsoft's Internet Explorer still comes in first at 54%, Mozilla Firefox at 22%, Google Chrome at 16%, and Opera at almost 2%. The pie graph can be seen below:

    It could be that some users are enjoying the new features that Safari has gained in Mac OS X Lion; full screen browsing, reader mode, multitouch controls, and a zippier load speed. Although full-screen-enabled apps in Mac OS X Lion is only feature-friendly with a small number of Mac Apps, chpwn saw this weakness as a way to improve on Mac OS by creating a small hack that allows all Cocoa-based apps to run in full screen called Maximizer. It requires SIMBL, but it can enable full screen on Firefox, Opera, and Chrome in the same native way that it works with Safari.

    When it comes to mobile browsing, Apple's Safari is the king of the hill racking in at almost 56%. Mobile browsing of course being iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad. With the amazing sales numbers Apple has been seeing in iDevices, this should be no surprise to anyone but, jaw-dropping nonetheless.

    On a side-note: Macintosh market share is now almost 14% in the US, 6.5% worldwide. iOS is almost 55% worldwide.

    What browser do you use? What operating system? Share in the comments below!

    Sources: Apple, chpwn, NetMarketShare
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