• MacBook Air with SSD, Light Peak in April?

    Apple said when the 2010 MacBook Air was released that it represented "the future of notebooks." If a new rumor is true, that future is coming in April. Mark Reschke of the Three Guys and a Podcast blog, who correctly predicted Apple would unveil the new MacBook Air at September's event, now says that April will bring an "all-out redesign" of the high-end MacBook Pro as the "big brother of the MacBook Air," incorporating a solid-state drive and Light Peak connectors. Reschke also asserts that the long-awaited upgrade of the Final Cut Studio video development platform will come in April.

    The MacBook Pro was last refreshed in April of this year, with the addition of Core i5 and i7 options to the line. According to Reschke's analysis, it would make sense for the new MacBook Pro to drop in April, a year after the previous model went on the market, and at the same time as the National Association of Broadcasters' annual "NAB Show," when video professionals are shopping for the latest gear. Noting that Apple's premier Final Cut Studio video-editing suite was last updated in 2009 and that Steve Jobs recently emailed a customer saying he should "stay tuned and buckle up" for a 64-bit version, Reschke says the upgrade should also be due in April.

    Reschke says the new model will have a 512 GB solid-state drive, no optical drive and Light Peak high-speed optical connectors. This last bit jibes well with an assessment  this month that new Macs would get Light Peak next year, and "earlier in the year than later." That was bolstered by disparaging comments from Steve Jobs that he didn't "see USB 3 taking off at this time." The emerging Light Peak standard promises a data transfer rate of 10 Gbps - twice that of USB 3 - to start, and up to 100 Gbps by the end of the decade.

    The new model, Reschke claims, will be positioned at the upper end of the MacBook Pro line, with the traditional 15" Pro remaining at a $1,799 starting price. The new "Air-like" MacBook Pro, he says, will start at $1,999 and increase from there depending on additional options.

    Source: 9to5Mac
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