• Steve Jobs: "Just Not Feeling Well Enough."

    Since it was never confirmed that Steve Jobs would make an appearance at Tuesday's event, arms are still in the air as to what could truly be the case. Jobs was expected to pay a visit to the "Let's talk iPhone" Apple event on Tuesday, October 4; covered here by Michael Essany. A blogger by the name of Robert Scoble sees things differently. In a blog which can be read here, Scoble feels that Jobs is just not feeling well enough to go out onto stage to appease the press. He mentions that he believes that Jobs might be mentioned 'here and there' during the press conference, although a comment might be said by one of the lead producers along the lines that, "Steve is watching today's keynote from the comfort of his home and he sends his best wishes to all of you."

    Jobs being absent from this event could be very positive for Apple. It may still cause extreme melancholy feelings among the audience; on the bright side, it gives Apple a chance to prove that it doesn't need Jobs to be a successful company. It gives the new CEO, Tim Cook, the ability to prove himself as the new leader of Apple.

    Tomorrow's event will not be broadcasted live like Apple's events usually are. Expected at the event is a new iPhone, an introduction to Facebook for iPad, Siri - to explain the new voice features, and more. If Jobs does end up making an appearance, it will certainly be his swan song.

    Do you think Steve Jobs will be able to make it? If not, do you think Tim Cook will make a good replacement? Leave comments below!

    Sources: Cult of Mac
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