• Easily Play Music From Lock Screen with PlayGesture

    A staple feature on the lock screen that comes in handy when it comes to your iPod.app is the Music Controls. By tapping the Home button twice (default), you have access to these simple-to-use controls. However, these days, it would seem that people are gearing towards using gestures instead of physical buttons to accomplish the same task. One that just released in Cydia, PlayGesture by Appl1eNerd (@App1eNerd), allows you to use a swipe gesture to start playing your music.

    PlayGesture does not have any settings or toggles to configure and is simple to use. When on the lock screen, simply swipe up on the screen to start playing your music.

    At this point, the tweak is pretty simple and does not have a lot of features. However, I believe that the gesture phenomenon is going to continue on; PlayGesture has potential for bringing some great new features. If you find this tweak of interest, go download it in Cydia. It's available for free and should support all devices and firmwares (not tested on the iOS 5 beta).

    Name: PlayGesture
    Author: App1eNerd
    Version: 1.0
    Price: Free

    I got a hold of the developer (who I later found out his name was Ron) and asked him a few questions about PlayGesture.

    JOSH: Is PlayGesture your first tweak on Cydia? If not, what are your others?
    RON: Yes, PlayGesture is my first tweak in Cydia.

    JOSH: How long did it take for you to make PlayGesture? Was there anything difficult about making this tweak?
    RON: I made it in one day. Because I'm pretty new in the iOS development community, the entirety of it was pretty difficult.

    JOSH: Are you planning on giving PlayGesture any new features or incorporations soon?
    RON: I'm planning to give it a few new features after I get a little break from school .

    JOSH: Working on any other projects that you'd want to speak on?
    RON: Currently I'm working on another new tweak, but I can't speak on it right now. I hope to release it in the next few days after I make the graphics for the tweak.

    Follow Ron (@App1eNerd) on Twitter to keep up to date with PlayGesture as well as his next upcoming project.

    Source(s): Ron "App1eNerd"
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    1. bigliquid530's Avatar
      bigliquid530 -
      How do you make it skip to the next track or go back to the last track
    1. pichito's Avatar
      pichito -
      Quote Originally Posted by bigliquid530 View Post
      How do you make it skip to the next track or go back to the last track
      LSMusicGestures was featured on modmyi earlier and it does the same thing and more.
      Apple, iPhone and iPad News | ModMyi - Simplify Your Music Controls With LSMusicGestures
      The controls are as follows:
      Double tap the lockscreen once to play your song.
      Double tap the lockscreen again to pause your song.
      Swipe to the right to go to the next song.
      Swipe to the left to go to the previous song.

      and it works with ipod or pandora....

      haven't tried this playgesture but from what i read here it only includes a play feature.
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