• Angry Birds Getting a Christmas Update

    Anger Birds developer Rovio has announced that a Christmas update to the popular game will be free to those who bought the Halloween edition ($.99). Rovio revealed this on Twitter today in response to a question they received about updates coming to the app. Their Twitter avatar was also updated with the iconic red bird wearing a Santa hat. Angry Birds has been the number one top paid app for some time now and the Halloween edition is currently at number 13. The Christmas edition is sure to be a hit as well. As this will be an update rather than a new version of the app, it should be available sooner, rather than later in the App Store.

    Angry Birds is currently $.99 in the App Store, but the Android version is free with AdMob supported advertising. Currently, there is no word on whether a free iAd supported version of the game will be made available in the future. If Rovio ever does release a free iOS version, not just a free trial, Angry Birds will be an even bigger success than it already is now.

    Angry Birds is also launching a full line of Plush toys this December. Soon, youíll be able to set up your own living room fort and play Angry Birds for real. Please, just donít use real pigs.

    Source: TUAW
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