• iPhone 4S Hitting Stores On October 14th - Confirmed By Apple Japan

    The iPhone 4S was revealed a little bit ahead of the keynote today - originally mentioned being available on October 14 on Apple's Ginza, Japan retail store page with two images labeled "iPhone 4S" appeared on the Apple Store servers.The images seem to be fairly interesting as they show what looks essentially just like an iPhone 4 running iOS 5, but the antenna design is the same as the CDMA version with the ambient light sensor being faintly visible on the black model (it's been invisible on previous iPhone 4 photos).

    According to the blurb that appeared on Apple's Ginza retail store page, the iPhone 4S launch will begin at 8 a.m. on that blessed Friday morning. Last year the iPhone was announced on June 7, went up for pre-orders on June 15, and launched in-store on June 24. Based on this, we assume the pre-orders will begin Friday morning, October 7. It's tough to speculate based on history though since Apple is clearly changing things up so much this year with multiple phones being announced at a fall event, either way we'll be finding out soon enough!

    You can hit check out our liveblog right here for all the up to date action or stay tuned as we provide more coverage for you throughout the day.

    Source: Apple (Japan)
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    1. luvmytj's Avatar
      luvmytj -
      Yawn... so where is the iPhone 5 again?
    1. tridley68's Avatar
      tridley68 -
      Quote Originally Posted by luvmytj View Post
      Yawn... so where is the iPhone 5 again?
      this phone is a pile and their stock dropped too time to get a droid HTC apple cay kiss it iam sure i am not the only one that feels this way.

      Apple you suck.
    1. Assassination's Avatar
      Assassination -
      This phone is BULL****!
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