• Apple Rejects Android-centric App for the App Store

    Danish firm Mediaprovider has announced that its new app - a digital magazine presentation of all things Android - has been rejected for inclusion in the App Store by the people at Apple. It's a peculiar development, especially since Apple hasn't enforced a blanket policy effectively banishing all competing brands, operating systems, and smartphone makers from acknowledgment in the App Store. For example, "Androidworld Reader" - an Android news application - has been available since April of this year.

    Incredibly, however, Brian Dixen of Mediaprovider says his rejected app - Android Magasinet - was shot down primarily because it focuses exclusively on Android content. In the past, Dixen hasn't encountered any barricade to the App Store, especially with his other approved creations - like iPhone Magasinet, which similarly deals with news and content exclusively about the iPhone. Understandably, Dixen appears to feel that Apple is being overtly hypocritical yet again in deciding which apps make the cut and which don't.

    "It's funny really because I don't think we would sell many magazines on Android through Apple App Store, but the question is where this is going," says Dixen, who didn't reveal the specifics of his Apple rejection letter, but evaluates the decision to be one made in light of the app's exclusive focus on one of Apple's biggest competitors.

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