• Organize Pics On Your iDevice With PhotoAlbums+

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    SpiritOfLogic, the devs behind iRealSMS and PwnTunes, now have a slick new tweak to the Photos app up on Cydia. PhotoAlbums+ allows you to create, manage and password-protect photo albums right on your jailbroken iDevice, without having to connect to iTunes, download them all, and manage them on your computer. The tweak uses familiar iOS screen elements and gestures and plays nice with any app that uses the Photos interface.

    The tweak allows you to create new custom photo albums from inside the native Photos app, using a + button that now appears at the top of the Albums list. It works just like Photos in how it lets you choose which photos or videos to move out of the default Camera Roll album into the new custom albums, or move from one custom album to another. You just tap the thumbnails of the pictures you want to distribute, and tap 'Move' to file the photos on your iDevice however you want. Another nice addition is the ability to password-protect your album by clicking a lock that appears when you create a new album and specifying the password. To delete an album, swipe across the album in the listing, and all the photos in the album are moved back to the default Camera Roll album.

    What's nice is that the tweak also works perfectly with other apps that hook into Photos in iOS, so when you want to upload pics to Facebook, for example, your albums will still be organized and password protected in exactly the same manner. PhotoAlbums+ is $2.99 from Cydia.

    Source: SpiritOfLogic
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