• Apple Working On Airport Utility for iOS 5?

    Apple may be in the works of an iOS version of Mac's Airport Utility.

    Just a while back, durring the first iOS 5 beta 1 release, AppleInsider shared with us what appears to be a PC-free Airport and Time Capsule setup utility built right into the features of iOS 5. They included screenshots and a general walk-through of those screenshots which are pretty in depth.

    An iPhone running iOS 5 will automatically recognize AirPort Base Station hardware that needs to be set up, and users will be able to accomplish this task through the Wi-Fi Networks option in the Settings application. Under Wi-Fi Networks, a new option reads "Set up an AirPort Base Station..." In setting up a Time Capsule, users are given the option to create a Wi-Fi network, complete with password, or "Do something different." Selecting the latter option gives users the option to join an existing network, or to replace a base station. Users are also given appropriate error messages or details on how to fix any issues directly from the iOS Settings application. Upon setting up a Wi-Fi network, users can also select "Show Passwords," which will display any applicable network password, base station password and disk password so that users may save them for later.
    A new report suggests that Apple is planning on releasing a separate app for managing your Airports and Time Capsules. According to the screenshot below, an iPad running iOS 5 brings up a dialogue box prompting the user to download Airport Utility from the App Store:

    It is expected that next week with the unveiling of iOS 5 final, and Apple's new Cards app, Apple may be also unveiling their Airport Utility app. Currently, in the iOS 5 Golden Master, a button will appear labeled, "Manage this network" if you are running your iOS device from an Airport Wi-Fi station. Tapping on it will bring up the dialogue box prompting the user to download the free Airport Utility from the App Store. Currently, there is no such app in the App Store, so tapping, "OK" in the prompt will lead you nowhere special.

    Apple has been working on their new iDevice system called PC-free which ships on iOS 5. It allows you to manage your iOS device without ever having to own or use a computer with it. You have the ability to restore, sync, and update your iDevice simply over Wi-Fi. Could this application be another extension allowing your iDevice to not need any kind of computer connection? There are high indications pointing to it. It seems that Apple may be in the midst of releasing many lone applications in the App Store to make your iDevice as 'PC-free' as possible.

    As of late, we're unsure if the final version of iOS 5 will include built in features for this functionality, or if the App Store version will be debuting.

    How many iDevice users connect to the internet using an Apple-branded wireless router? Share below!

    Sources: AppleInsider, Macstories
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