• Apple "Smoked the Competition" in Quality, Reliability

    Apple got top honors for quality and reliability in a new survey, garnering high praise for its desktops, notebooks and smartphones. PC World talked to 79,000 people for its annual "Reliability and Service Survey," and found that Apple - along with ASUS, HTC, and Canon - got the highest ratings, with Research in Motion, Dell and HP being panned by users.

    "Apple once again smoked the competition," PC World's story began. Apple got high marks in nearly every category, with the only "average" scores having to do with MacBook failures and the iPhone 4 antenna issue. Apple support was highly-rated, with just 8 percent of MacBook users had problems which support couldn't solve, contributing to a success rate "significantly lower" than the industry average.

    "Can Apple do no wrong?" PC World asks rhetorically. "Indeed, 2010 was a remarkable year for the world's highest-valued tech company," noting its success in introducing the iPad and earning record profits, and adding that Apple "won the trifecta by smoking the competition in our reader poll."

    IDC computer analyst Bob O'Donnell told PC World that Apple's success is due to "a combination of having high-quality hardware--you pay a premium for it--and a software experience that's more straightforward." In addition, Apple's support also adds to the perception of quality. "People literally walk in with their systems, and the [Genius Bar] guy sits there and says, 'Oh, yeah, you've got to do this, this, and this,'" O'Donnell said. "It gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling: 'They're taking care of me.' Nobody has anything close to that on the PC side."

    Source: AppleInsider
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