• Gameloft Slashing Prices On iOS Games for Columbus Day

    This Columbus Day, why not snag a deal from one of the best game developers for the App Store?

    Columbus Day is this Monday, October 10th. What better way to celebrate than to play video games on your iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone all day long!? Gameloft is offering seven of their pretty pricey, top-hit games for only 99 each. That's right, only 99, with some of the games costing as much as $6.99 originally. Why miss out?

    The list of games that are going on sale include the following:

    Personally, I play Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus quite a bit and it's a very fun first person shooter for the iPhone. Pretty stunning graphics and game play. I recommend that one. Unfortunately I've never tried the rest of them.

    These games are all high quality from the looks of it. Why not buy all of them (minus the HD duplicates)? Buying them all will be cheaper than buying only one of them when the sale ends. $45 worth of apps for only $7? I'll take that deal! If you're planning on getting the iPhone 4S, why not take advantage of this deal and get some graphics-hungry games to play on that awesome dual core A5 chip which is capable of 7x faster graphics than the iPhone 4's A4 chip? Also, with a memory option of up to 64GB, you'll have no problems at all fitting all of these pretty big games into it.

    Gameloft makes very high end games for iOS. Are you planning on taking advantage of this amazing deal for Columbus Day? Share below!

    Sources: TouchArcade
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