• Springtomize for iOS 5 Coming Soon

    For those of us who have survived the major firmware cycle a couple of times (or even just once for that matter), you come to find that you "don't really see how much you love an application or tweak until you don't have it (and I paraphrase)." iOS 5 is no different; we are all anxiously awaiting for our favorite applications and tweaks to be updated so we can continue having beautiful and awesome iDevices. One such package that most people would agree they can't live without is Springtomize. It's your go-to option when it comes to customizing your iDevice in any which way. Many of us know what the tweak does, even if we don't own it. If you haven't heard of it, I highly recommend checking it out.

    You may have heard the phrase around the community here and there along the lines of "Man, iOS 5 broke my tweak/application bad," or something to that effect. Well Filippo Bigarella (@FilippoBiga), the creator of Springtomize, has been in that boat since iOS 5 beta 1. Springtomize was all bent out of shape when the first iOS 5 beta released and for that reason, Filippo has had to start virtually from scratch to ensure that Springtomize will work on iOS 5. It may sound dire from here on out, however I assure you that is not the case!

    Over the past few months, Filippo has been working ever so hard to completely rewrite Springtomize so that when iOS 5 went public, it would be ready or near ready for the public. I've had the privilege of beta testing from the beginning and I can tell you that it's getting very close and almost all the kinks have been removed. And as it eludes to the photo above, it is most definitely "Springtomize2" with all the work and rewriting that has been done.

    The layout is still the same as the old Springtomize which is nice for those who've got used to navigating through it. From the outside, it would appear that this write-up of Springtomize is just strictly a port, however Filippo mentioned to me (as well as noticing it myself) that a few components are different from this beta version of Springtomize and the 4.x and below version:

    • Performance (much faster than the prior versions)
    • More features (coming soon)
    • Better backup and restore layout options

    Filippo as well as I can't say an ETA, however I can guarantee you that it will be ready when it is ready. He wants to make sure that everything is locked and loaded before he fully releases. Continue to be patient, supportive, and excited! One thing that I do know is that the iOS 5 version will be a separate package (i.e. Springtomize 2).

    Source(s): Filippo Bigarella
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    1. Xenthis's Avatar
      Xenthis -
      This looks nice - I haven't used springtomize before
    1. wohhey's Avatar
      wohhey -
      i miss customize
    1. zplit's Avatar
      zplit -
      Yesssssss great newssss
    1. mmaboi21's Avatar
      mmaboi21 -
      Man I want to jailbreak soo bad but all I have is my i4 and I can't rock a tethered jb... Can't wait for untethered jb!

      I might just take the plunge!
    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      I wonder if my Ultrafuse battery will still come with it...
    1. badass1469's Avatar
      badass1469 -
      Quote Originally Posted by wohhey View Post
      i miss customize
      yeah, customize was ftw i dunno why they stopped working with it.
    1. Kariodude's Avatar
      Kariodude -
      Soon my foot. Filippo recently stated on his twitter that it should be available at the end of November. I knew it would take some time to rework all of the tweaks but jeez, I'll be going crazy by then.
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