• Sony Aiming for Steve Jobs Biopic

    Following the critical and commercial success of "The Social Network" - the story of Facebook's inception and Mark Zuckerberg's rise to prominence - another icon of the digital age may soon have his life story told on the big screen. On Monday, reports surfaced that Sony Pictures is seeking the rights to Steve Jobs' story (specifically, the rights to tell Jobs' story as it is chronicled in the new Walter Isaacson-written book) for a forthcoming biopic about the legendary Apple co-founder.

    According to coverage this morning from MSNBC, a deal to secure the much sought-after rights could be worth upwards of seven-figures. The entertainment industry is buzzing with reports that Sony Pictures has agreed to pay as much as $3 million for the movie rights to Isaacson's book. If the movie happens, it will be the first time Steve Jobs is portrayed on the silver screen since 1999's "Pirates of Silicon Valley."

    A representative for Sony would only tell me today that the film studio won't comment on speculation. Naturally, however, given the overwhelming interest in Steve Jobs' life among an Apple community still in mourning, the potential for box office success is clearly tangible. And in light of the fact that the movie would be produced from the information contained in the authorized bio of Jobs, the picture's credibility would certainly be substantial.

    Once the film is announced (assuming it will be), the biggest question will revolve around who should play the late Apple boss. Any suggestions?

    Source: MSNBC
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