• Did Best Buy Sell This Guy a Fake iPad?

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    Are US retailers selling knockoff iPads as the real thing? That's the allegation being made by a man in Massachusetts who claims that he bought an iPad from Best Buy only to find out it was a fake. He says Best Buy accused him of scamming them when he returned the iPad to the store. There's no way yet of knowing what's really going on here, but supposedly other customers have experienced the same thing, and Best Buy says they're investigating.

    Bryan Shlager went to a Best Buy in Dorchester, Massachusetts to buy an iPad for his son, who is a college freshman. Shlager claims his son could not get the device to turn on, and so he then took it to a Best Buy store close to his son's Florida campus. The Geek Squad at that Best Buy informed the man that the iPad wasn't an Apple device at all, but a non-functional fake. There's an interesting twist where Shlager then goes to a couple of other Best Buys before returning to Massachusetts and again attempting to return the device. The local store also refused it, saying the man was trying to get a legit iPad in exchange for the fake. “They accused me of bringing home a new one and replacing it with a dummy and trying to return a dummy,” said Shlager.

    After leaving the Massachusetts store, Shlager claims that Best Buy called and left a message; not for him, but for his wife. "They told her that this happened to five or six other people in the store and they realize that there is an issue," he said.

    Channel 7 News in Boston did a story on the incident and contacted best Buy. Company spokesperson Jennifer McNamara released a statement that said: "Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention. We are investigating but do not have any additional information to share at this time." Shlager says that he not only wants the $800 he spent on the iPad back, but he wants Best Buy to give him a free iPad "for my aggravation."

    Source: Cult of Mac
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