• Apple Twisting Hollywood's Arm to Enable New iDevice Streaming Feature

    According to a report Thursday morning in the Wall Street Journal, Apple is actively engaging in talks with Hollywood film studios to implement a new streaming feature that could simplify the enjoyment of entertainment for iDevice users everywhere.

    The report contends that Apple is lobbying for a deal that would allow customers to stream movies they own (those that were purchased and downloaded from iTunes) to their iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and even the Apple TV.

    Apple Inc. is negotiating with Hollywood studios for deals that would let people who buy movies from the iTunes Store watch streaming versions of those movies on Apple devices such as iPads or iPhones without manually transferring them, according to people familiar with the matter.
    The framework of this concept should, by now, sound familiar. After all, Apple recently sealed the deal on a new service for iTunes customers which allows them to re-download the very songs and TV shows they presently own. For the time being, that service is limited and does not allow for the re-downloading of movies.

    Ultimately, of course, if Apple does manage to secure an agreement with Hollywood production studios, it will likely cost Apple a pretty penny. As of 2011, Apple sells more movies online than any other digital retailer (Apple boasts of a 66% market share in this respect). With Hollywood all but certainly wanting a bigger piece of the action in return for letting Apple indulge in its streaming scheme, the folks in Cupertino may have little choice but to relinquish a few hefty buckets full of cash to get their way.

    Source: WSJ
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