• iRealSMS Releases Public iOS 5 Build [GIVEAWAY]

    For quite some time, both the major SMS clients from Cydia, biteSMS and iRealSMS, have had open betas for extensive testing on iOS 5. Although many of us may not realize this, Apple really did a number on these clients with the numerous changes in the background; especially when it comes to the Notification Center. Thankfully, on the side of iRealSMS, testing has proved beneficial enough for the SpiritOfLogic (@iRealSMS) to release a public iOS 5 build for iRealSMS.

    Users that have iRealSMS and use it frequently already (at least on 4.x. or when you used to use it now that you're on iOS 5) will be glad to know that most of the staple features from 4.x have been brought to iOS 5. This public release in regards to iOS 4 and below users is not applicable. I spoke with Christian Heusinger, the developer behind iRealSMS, to see how he could best describe what this build of iRealSMS has to offer:

    iRealSMS for 4.x has not changed at all. However, the iOS 5 version is a complete rewrite. Not only was the Notification Center incorporated but a ton of stability fixes to make the application even better. It is designed to use as much of Apple's functions as possible to ensure best stability. That's also why it now replaces the Messages application entirely unless you deactivate the MS plugin.

    The integration with the Notification Center is pretty complete although I will add some new options/settings with the next update so you can configure exactly when you want QuickReply to come up and when you want the main Messages application, etc.

    Currently a few features like the blacklist and the delivery receipts for SMS are not yet working on iOS 5 - we cut out their settings from iRealSM's settings to reflect that. They will be added with the next updates. What I consider quite cool is that the voice stuff, such as read-aloud SMS and being asked whether to mark as read etc., works even without Siri!
    So, here's what to grasp from this update:

    • iRealSMS fully supports iOS 5 (full integration with Notification Center)
    • Tons of stability fixes and performance enhancements
    • More updates are coming soon to add new features or fix existing ones from prior versions

    You may remember from Christian's overview of the update that iRealSMS replaces the Messages application unless the MS plugin is disabled. Basically, this means that if you have the MS plugin enabled, the iRealSMS application will replace the default Messages application and you won't be able to use it. For some of you, this is OK because you use the iRealSMS application exclusively, but there may be a few of us that want to have our Messages application back and just use the iRealSMS functionality.

    If you wish to have your default Messages application back, here are the steps to disable the MS plugin:

    • Have SBSettings installed on your device
    • From SBSettings, go More --> Mobile Substrate Addons and switch iRealSMS OFF.

    To go even more native and stock looking, follow this guide:

    • Go iRealSMS --> Settings --> Basic and UI Settings --> UI Tabbar Toggle
    • Set UI Tabbar Toggle to ON
    • Now, when you're in a Conversation view, simply hit the top bar to hide the tab bar. This will make it look like the natives Messages application
    • Tap again on the top bar to unhide the tab bar and bring back full functionality

    Since iRealSMS is now public, you can re-download it (if you've purchased it), buy it for $12.99, or upgrade from the beta or existing version.

    UPDATE: Christian said that another update to further improve iRealSMS on iOS 5 is expected tonight.

    The winners of the giveaway have been picked. If you did not get a mention from me on Twitter or Google+, sorry! But don't worry - there's much more to come!

    Source(s): Christian Heusinger
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    1. JedixJarf's Avatar
      JedixJarf -
      Do want
    1. Bobnewheart's Avatar
      Bobnewheart -
      Is this one of those cases where if you purchases the last version then you have to buy it again for this new version?
    1. rampagebegins's Avatar
      rampagebegins -
      Quote Originally Posted by Bobnewheart View Post
      Is this one of those cases where if you purchases the last version then you have to buy it again for this new version?
      Its not.. I just opened cydia and it shows that it was officially purchased
    1. Tucnepo's Avatar
      Tucnepo -
      When will bitessms become compatible?
    1. GenesisDH's Avatar
      GenesisDH -
      Quote Originally Posted by Tucnepo View Post
      When will bitessms become compatible?
      Bite has betas out already. So a full release should be soon.
    1. afnetman's Avatar
      afnetman -
      iRealSMS is now compatible with iOS 5 , but iRealNetworks is not . Without having iRealNetworks working then the app is not really that good as you will not get the discounted SMS's and if you try to install iRealNetworks it will kick your phone into Safe Mode. I have identified this to iRealSMS but to date i have not received any replies from my trouble reports. The good news is bitesms works with iOS 5 (on my phone anyway) but I still have a lot of credit on the iRealNetworks that I am unable to use.
    1. Stoffz's Avatar
      Stoffz -
      I think I am finally going to jump the RealSMS wagon.
    1. Tucnepo's Avatar
      Tucnepo -
      Quote Originally Posted by Stoffz View Post
      I think I am finally going to jump the RealSMS wagon.
      Is it any better than bites?
    1. mathieuvp's Avatar
      mathieuvp -
      When BiteSMS comes to iOS 5, I will upgrade (and find a save way to keep my contacts)
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