• Apple's Inventory Suggests MacBook Pro Refresh To Come Soon

    Many of you might be getting frustrated if you are in the market for buying a MacBook Pro as all models seem to be nearly out of stock. If you happen to find yourself in the mix, don’t worry because it seems like new MacBook Pro models are close by. It seems that updates to all existing MacBook Pro models have appeared in Apple’s inventory system, including new models for the: 13 inch, 15 inch, and 17 inch screen sizes. It also seems that Apple will be continuing their scheme of shipping two 13 inch models, two 15 inch models, and one 17 inch model in their upcoming refresh.

    The refresh is expected to include faster processors and the Bluetooth 4.0 technology that Apple has started to ship in the latest MacBook Airs and the new iPhone 4S. The internal code names for the updated MacBook Pro line are K90IA (13 inch), K91A (15 inch), and K92A (17 inch), where the A in the codename signifies the update being a minor one. All in all, everything seems to be the same with the addition of slightly better hardware being used. If that's the case though, I wouldn't expect the new MacBook Pros to be in stock any more than the current ones.

    The news of incoming MacBook Pro refreshes is probably excellent for those who were previously on the fence about purchasing one or waiting to get one, as the longer wait will prove to be much more advantageous now but generally tends to anger those who managed to get their hands on one previously. If I bought a 2011 MacBook Pro, the last thing I’d want to find out is that my new and expensive laptop is already part of yesterday’s news (so to speak). How do you feel about the issue?

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    Source: 9to5Mac
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