• IconSupport Updated for iOS 5 [BETA STATUS]

    NOTE: This release of IconSupport is intended for developers only. Although it is available to the public, remember that you are fully responsible for what you install on your device. At this point, it is unknown to whether this package will run smoothly all the time on your device. Proceed with caution and realize that there is a chance that your device may go into Safe Mode or do various other things.

    As you can tell from the last couple of days, developers in the jailbreak community are working hard to ensure all their packages are iOS 5 ready. On top of just applications and tweaks, dependency packages are in the process of being updated as well so that certain packages can continue moving forward. One important dependency that many people may not realize, IconSupport, has recently been updated for iOS 5 (beta status). The developer of IconSupport, ashikase (@ashikase), tweeted out that he sent an update for IconSupport to BigBoss. Note that in his tweet, he specified developers as the target audience. For this reason, this release may not be completely stable.

    So many of you may be wondering; why is IconSupport so important? IconSupport is a staple dependency for applications like Infinidock and ScrollingBoard that allow these applications to have scrolling docks and icons. Both of the applications mentioned are extremely popular and are considered "must haves" for most people. As displayed in the header photo, I am using ScrollingBoard on iOS 5 with no problem at all. I cannot vouch to whether other applications that require IconSupport are working on iOS 5 at this time.

    Please read and heed the following:

    • Although IconSupport for iOS 5 is out, this does not conclude that every application that depends on IconSupport is working on iOS 5 or fully compatible
    • Remember that you put packages on your device at your own risk
    • If you do choose to try out applications like Infinidock or ScrollingBoard, note the consequences or risks that may occur when testing

    IconSupport can be downloaded directly from the BigBoss repository as we speak.

    UPDATE: Elias Limneos (@limneos) confirmed that the newest version of ScrollingBoard (released yesterday) is iOS 5 compatible.

    Source(s): ashikase
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    1. NARKO83's Avatar
      NARKO83 -
      infinity dock, does not work at this time, luckily I have 2 iPhones 4's (not 4S) and I'm testing all the "necessities" on the other one trying to mirror everything i have set up on iOS 4, as of now i don't see myself jumping on to the 4S, i can't function with a stock iOS 5 with everything being broken, luckily apple is releasing the unlocked 4S in november so i have time to see everything getting ironed out. Hopefully by then there will also be a unthethred jailbreak. Shrink does not work either and that another biggie for me.
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      I want my infini dock and infini folders or enhanced folders back haha! Its funny how Apple fights the jailbreak community when they make the iOS worth using. Not to mention they port at least half of the hacks to the official firmware updates every time. Some times they make it better some times they fail..oh well. Im sure the devs are working hard to bring us the iOS 5 updates to the hacked apps as quickly as possible. Can't wait!!
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