• ScrollingBoard Adds iOS 5 Support [GIVEAWAY]

    As mentioned earlier this morning, IconSupport by ashikase (@ashikcase) has been updated to support iOS 5, allowing a lot of applications such as ScrollingBoard to have the ability of scrolling docks and icons. In that particular post, I demoed ScrollingBoard as now being iOS 5 compatible due to IconSupport. I couldn't confirm to whether it was fully functional or just partially. My question was answered this morning when the developer of ScrollingBoard, Elias Limneos (@limneos) tweeted out that ScrollingBoard v2.50 is compatible on iOS 5.

    Many of us already own and use ScrollingBoard, so having this functionality back on the newest firmware is awesome. From addons to dock options, folder options to SpringBoard options, ScrollingBoard offers a ton of features and functionality to your iOS device. Infinidock and ScrollingBoard are similar, however I feel ScrollingBoard took the extra step to make it more customizable for the user.

    Some of the settings and toggles you can change with ScrollingBoard include:

    • Download and add addons to ScrollingBoard
    • Enable dock addons
    • Paging
    • Icons per page (Portrait/Landscape)
    • Bounce Force (how the dock bounces when it hits the edges; Bounce Effect must be enabled)

    And many of these settings apply to folder, SpringBoard, and dock options. All the settings can be changed from the ScrollingBoard tab inside settings.

    If you already own a copy of ScrollingBoard and are on iOS 5, go download it now! I recommend checking it out if you haven't bought it yet or even know what it is. I personally have this application on my "must have" list and I definitely had a hard time bearing without it when I was testing the early iOS 5 betas! And once again, this application is one of those packages that people jailbreak exclusively for. The jailbreak community still prevails in the sense that it offers so many core functionalities that many of us users couldn't live without on stock iOS.

    You can purchase it from Cydia for $1.50.

    The winners of the giveaway have been picked. If you did not get a mention from me on Twitter or Google+, sorry! But don't worry - there's much more to come!

    Source(s): Elias Limneos
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    1. Jugdys's Avatar
      Jugdys -
      i installed this app and now i cannot delete apps on my iphone 4 running ios5. please help
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