• New Angry Birds Halloween Teased

    With the first full year of Angry Birds having a separate game dedicated to seasons being done, the question many of you have been wondering (whether there will be a new one) has been answered: Yes! Rovio is said to be making a new Halloween expansion each year, not only for its first year.

    For those of you who are a bit left out and havenít been following Angry Birds since the beginning, there was originally an Angry Birds standalone game and an Angry Birds Halloween standalone game. The Halloween game was a huge hit and since it became almost as popular as the original, Rovio took advantage and continued the holiday theme, eventually combing them all into a collection called Angry Birds Seasons Ė the tradition that continues here with the expansion that started the whole thing: Angry Birds Halloween.

    Things to expect with the new Angry Birds Halloween game would be tiny blue birds dressed up in classic Halloween costumes, heading for a hill that sounds like its full of monsters. At the end of every set of Halloween levels, we will likely see a boss-like bad guy.

    The folks over at the AngryBirdsNest have suggested that since the expansion is likely to be released around Halloween, the same time as rumors place the classic Tim Burton stop-animation musical masterpiece: The Nightmare Before Christmas in theaters again in 3D. This Angry Birds expansion might be a collaboration with the folks over at Disney (the current distributors of the film). The folks over at Rovio did something very similar with the movie RIO, when it was released, creating an entire spin-off game for the film.

    Knowing that the number of people who play Angry Birds is likely very large, how many of you are excited to play the newest addition to the collection of games? Are any of you who are new to the game interested in trying the newest one? Let us know what you think by dropping a comment below!

    Source: AngryBirdsNest
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