• The Roundup on Chpwn's iOS 5 Compatible Tweaks [Currently]

    Now that iOS 5 is public and available to all, the number one question people have been asking in the jailbreak community are what things are compatible and not compatible? When is "this person" going to update his or her packages? In regards to Grant Paul (@chpwn), he decided he'd write a full fledged post so that everyone could see what has been done. Here's his answer to the number one question thus far.

    Yesterday, Grant posted on his blog all of his projects/applications/tweaks were compatible on iOS 5. His list is pretty extensive and encompasses both his free and paid projects. From his post on his blog, here is what is and isn't compatible on iOS 5 (currently):

    • Gridlock
    • VoiceActivator
    • IconSupport
    • Webscrollian
    • NoPageDots
    • MobileVolumeSound
    • No Bookmarks
    • Five Icon Switcher
    • Full WebClips
    • Internalizer
    • No Folder Badges

    Not Compatible:
    • Infinidock
    • Infiniboard
    • Infinifolders
    • ListLauncher
    • Switcherscape
    • AppSlide

    • Empty Folder Icons
    • Colloquy Tab Complete

    For the packages that are currently not compatible, he mentioned that they are currently in "development-status." That entails either that it is buggy and is not fully functional, or that he's looking for the best route to update it entirely.

    The unknown packages are open to anyone that wants to test. When you have results, feel free to contact Grant on Twitter.

    If you wish to view Grant's post on his blog on your own, click the following link:

    chpwn blog

    For support/bug related issues with any of his packages, please contact him via email through Cydia (by sending a support email from within the respective package).

    Source(s): Grant Paul
    This article was originally published in forum thread: The Roundup on Chpwn's iOS 5 Compatible Tweaks [Currently] started by Joshua Tucker View original post
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