• iFan Charges Your iPhone The Green Way

    Here's a cool iPhone accessory that should please both green technology advocates and critics of the iPhone's less than truly long-lasting battery. The winds of changing chargers are blowing thanks to designer Tjeerd Veenhoven, who has successfully tweaked a PC fan and merged it with a rubber iPhone case. The end result: the iFan, a unique homemade gadget that lets you fully charge your iPhone (it takes about six hours) using wind.

    While one-quarter of a full day is, unfortunately, a long time to wait to charge your iPhone, there are practical applications for folks on-the-go or avid hiking enthusiasts (the outdoors type, in general) where the iFan is still a worthwhile charging mechanism to tote around. In the future, however, Veenhoven says he plans to update and further modify the blade structure of the fan to increase charging efficiency and, thus, the total length of time needed to fully charge the iPhone.

    Yes, critics will says it's bulky and unwieldy. But demand for such green innovations for our gadgets has become such that even Apple is said to be ardently researching the prospect of solar panels for future iDevices upgrades. Of course, it will be a while before that research actually yields a change in product design. So, for now, it's up to third party accessory makers to carry the "green" banner. And that's exactly what people like Tjeerd Veenhoven will do all the way to the bank.

    Tjeerd Veenhoven
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